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To determine your probability of having a leak, we recommend homeowners perform a simple procedure to determine whether you are experiencing normal water evaporation or truly have a water loss issue.  First, make sure the pump has been off for five minutes and that your water is calm.  Then, simply mark the water level inside the vertical wall of the pool skimmer with a pencil where the water level rests.  Make sure that this test is performed with water at the normal level.  We consider the normal level to be at least half way up the skimmer opening.  Let the system run as normal after the marking and then recheck the line after a 24 hour period.  Check the new level with the system off.  Using a tape measure or ruler, determine the difference between the two lines.  If there is more than 1/4" difference then you are probably experiencing a leak.  At this point we recommend scheduling a leak detection to determine the source of water source and necessary steps  to effectively repair the leak.  

  • Skimmer replacements

  • Light niche replacements

  • Complete re-plumbing of system

  • Structural crack repairs with Torque Lock® system

  • Electronic leak detection and pinpoint locating

  • Diving and dye testing the system

  • Testing lines

  • Troubleshooting equipment

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You can depend on the pros with Progressive Pool Repair & Leak Specialist Inc to solve any leakage problems you have with your pool. Unlike many other companies, we use cutting-edge technology, which allows us to find problem under the deck without probing all the way through.


Trust over 60 years of combined experience to provide you with quick and efficient pool repairs. Our local, family owned business also offers custom pool renovation services.

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